Slower July and Aug. What "They " Are Saying

A lot of the Mortgage and Real Estate "Experts" are predicting that even though home sales are up from last year, that July and Aug. will be down due to vacations, rates rising, and home prices on the rise. NOW is the time to have a plan of attack. And you may need more arsenal in your bag to nab the deals you need. This is where DIVERSIFIED MORTGAGE BROKERS can help you! If you are in Virginia, then we can serve you.. Sure, we can do the A paper loans with ease, and we will NOT get BEAT, on rates or service! But we also have the Lenders to help with the othe...

July 24th, 2015 Slower July and Aug. What "They " Are Saying

Spending The Time Now for The Future

If you look at my desk, you will see stacks of prospects over 2 feet high who have yet to become actual clients. Why? I try to spend the time with all that want help, to educated them on what needs to be done in order to get a home loan in the future. I do not judge them or discourage them due to income or credit, or the purchase price they desire but encourage their participation. If they will follow the steps given, many of these prospects will become actual clients-some in weeks, some in months and some take a couple of years. But, I figure IF I plan on being in the business long ...

July 13th, 2015 Spending The Time Now for The Future

New Mortgage " TRID" Changes Effective 10/01/15 NOW

Well, as the government gets MORE involved ( = MORE CONFUSION) with the Mortgage/Real Estate business world, in their attemPt for additional transparency, the initiation of the new TRID ( TILA RESPA INTEGRATED DISCLOSURE) has been put off from 8/1/15 TO 10/1/15. Basically, it will involve a new Loan Estimate Disclosure combining the GFE and TIL to be given to the consumer no later than 3 days after loan application, AND a new Closing Disclosure which combines the HUD 1 and final TIL to be given to the consumer at least 3 days prior to consummation of the loan. This change is for...

June 27th, 2015 New Mortgage " TRID" Changes Effective 10/01/15 NOW


At DIVERSIFIED MORTGAGE BROKERS the same person will take your applifcation, process the loan, and walk the loan all the way to the close.We do not have Originators that pass the loan file off to a Processor and then wait for things to be done, and at the mercy of the Processor.Working on commissions, we do not get paid UNTIL we get the loan closed, so we MUST get the job done quickly and effficiently.We WILL keep our clients and the Realtors involved and up to date, all along the way, and we make things happen-no hype ! Call on us- DIVERSIFIED MORTGAGE BROKERS, serving Central ...



IF you are like me,I have NOT had much time to watch any basketball as the loans keep coming in, as folks start the Spring Fling buying trend. It has been crazy but I like to be busy! A NEW conventional product w/ 3% down w/ a 640 score, FHA loans w/ lower mortgage insurance rates down to 580 scores and even below, and of course, USDA w/ $0 down, w/ scores down to 580 are the reason for the surge. IF you want a Mortgage Broker who will tell it like it is, keep you informed along the loan process, and get the job DONE, then call on us: DIVERSIFIED MORTGAGE BROKERS, serving Centra...

March 28th, 2015 MARCH MADNESS


What a wonderful world it is when all the above do their part swiftly: Realtor gets the ratified contract to the Mortgage Broker asap, and the contract is written correctly; Borrower gets all the needed loan paperwork to the Mortgage Broker and Realtor; Mortgage Broker quickly gets loan paperwork prepared,signed by Borrower, and over to the Lender, orders title and appraisal,and keeps all the parties informed; Lender swiftly underwrites the loan and gets the approval out;Title Co. swiftly orders the search and prepares the title work. THIS UNISON AND CONSTANT COMMUNICATION ...


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