Which Mortgage Loan Type Is Best ?

Are you in need of a mortgage loan and do not know which type loan would be best for you? If you are a veteran, then a VA loan is hard to beat, but if you are not, then in most cases you will choose between a Conventional, FHA, or USDA loan. USDA can allow $0 down which is very attractive, and USDA does not have mortgage insurance involved, so with little or no $ down this would be the best bet with the following restrictions: 1) the home must be in the County, and 2) the total household income must be under the USDA county threshold, 3) USDA does have an up front USDA fee ...

October 21st, 2016 Which Mortgage Loan Type Is Best ?


Mortgage interest rates are at the lowest level you will ever see in your lifetime. Conventional 30 year rates and APRs as low as 3.375% and 15 year rates and APRs as low as 2.750%. FHA, USDA, and VA rates and APRs are as low as 3.250% for 30 year loans and 2.750% for 15 year loans. This is unbelievable and allow for lower house payments and more home for the dollar. With the election coming soon and the craziness in the economy, I dare say that those who do not take advantage of these low rates will be kicking themselves for not acting. Can you believe that many current homeowners still ...


Quit Stalling, It Is Time To Act

Now is the time to act! Rates have been so good for so long, BUT the Feds state that they will start to raise the rates. Also, history shows that rates seem to always go up in an election year. Plenty of home buyers have been stalling and for what? There are also plenty of homeowner's with current % rates over 4.500%-what are they doing? Prices are low, rates are still extremely low, and soon there will be screaming that many missed the boat. So the time to act is NOW! For your loan need in Virginia since 1989, call on us at Diversified Mortgage Brokers and let us run the #s...

September 9th, 2016 Quit Stalling, It Is Time To Act


COMING IN THE NEXT FEW WEEKS ARE SEVERAL IMPORTANT CHANGES TO THE MORTGAGE LOAN INDUSTRY:                                                                                     &...

September 2nd, 2016 NEW CHANGES COMING SOON

Slower July and Aug. What "They " Are Saying

A lot of the Mortgage and Real Estate "Experts" are predicting that even though home sales are up from last year, that July and Aug. will be down due to vacations, rates rising, and home prices on the rise. NOW is the time to have a plan of attack. And you may need more arsenal in your bag to nab the deals you need. This is where DIVERSIFIED MORTGAGE BROKERS can help you! If you are in Virginia, then we can serve you.. Sure, we can do the A paper loans with ease, and we will NOT get BEAT, on rates or service! But we also have the Lenders to help with the othe...

July 24th, 2015 Slower July and Aug. What "They " Are Saying

Spending The Time Now for The Future

If you look at my desk, you will see stacks of prospects over 2 feet high who have yet to become actual clients. Why? I try to spend the time with all that want help, to educated them on what needs to be done in order to get a home loan in the future. I do not judge them or discourage them due to income or credit, or the purchase price they desire but encourage their participation. If they will follow the steps given, many of these prospects will become actual clients-some in weeks, some in months and some take a couple of years. But, I figure IF I plan on being in the business long ...

July 13th, 2015 Spending The Time Now for The Future

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