March 24th, 2017

WHAT HOME BUYERS SHOULD KNOW AND DO: Buying a home is probably the largest purchase and expense you will ever have, and yet most buyers have no real idea what goes on, what to ask, what to expect, and who to trust. My advice is simple-YOU are the buyer and therefore YOU are the BOSS-you should make it clear that you are INTERVIEWING all involved, and that each party must  sell you on why they should be chosen to represent your needs and act as your FIDUCIARY. Ask the Realtors what they specifically CAN offer you, and what help or guidance they WILL provide during the process that is different from their competition. Ask the Mortgage Broker/Bank the same questions. Ask the Settlement Firm the same questions. SHOP for these services!!!!! You need education. You need the process explained. You need to know that they are earning their pay with fair fees and representation.... and if you do not feel that you are getting this, then perhaps another professional in the field would be better suited. You should not feel that these professionals are just going thru the motion, but that they truly do have your best interest at heart and are going to offer more than their competition. If you are being referred from one professional in the transaction to another, what are the reasons for this referral. Is it justified or simply for some form of compensation for the referral? What do YOU EXPECT from all the parties involved with the transaction and have you made this clear? It is your right and duty to protect yourself and to insure that this experience is a good one. *** For the proper education, service, and fees, call on our 30 years of experience in Central Virginia....DIVERSIFIED MORTGAGE BROKERS: Tel: 434-237-3143, Email:, Web:

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