New 1-3% down Conventional Mortgages

NEW 1-3% Down Conventional Mortgages: have you heard the new? These new programs will allow for so many more first time buyers or those who have not owned in the last 3 years to get approved with only 3% down and Lenders who will gift  25 of the 3% needed. Step aside FHA, as this is the new hot product and without a lifetime of mortgage insurance like FHA. The program is for owner occupied, primary residence with reduce MI on 15, 20 , or 30 year terms. You must meet income limits based on the property location. The Borrowers have no minimum contibution from their personal funds, gifts do NOT have to repaid, sweat equity can be allowed,cash on hand can be used, and rental income is allowed from boarder income. What a give away! See why Realtors are having a field day as this product gets known across the country. For all your Mortgage needs, call DIVERSIFIED MORTGAGE BROKERS, the oldest Mortgage Broker in Central Virginia with 30 years of service.Tel: 434-237-3143, Email:, Web: