MORTGAGE BROKER OR BANK FOR A MORTGAGE? In 2017 there still seems to be a disconnect for many who simply don't know why a Mortgage Broker has so much more to offer than a bank. It is simple: a typical bank offers the very BASIC loan programs and their underwriting guidelines are stringent. Their rates are higher due to their overhead. Niche products are shunned, as they desire the cookie cutter Borrowers. Mortgage Brokers offer a variety of Lenders and Banks that can meet a Borrower's specific needs. This equates to better rates, less stringent underwriting, and a wider array of products, including niche products for the more challenging circumstances. So, more loan options, more approvals, better pricing, and lower costs, with usually more experience. Shopping from various Mortgage Brokers will allow for EVEN more of a variety of products, better rates and pricing, as the Borrower can compare the Mortgage Broker's compensation plan % that is built into the rate offered by the lender ( the lower comp plan means the best pricing). Do not just rely on the Realtor to decide which Mortgage Broker for you-SHOP, as their are big differences. For the best service, call on the OLDEST Mortgage Broker in Central Virginia with 30 years of experience-Diversified Mortgage Brokers-Tel: 434-237-3143, Email:, Web: . Let us discuss our product availability and shop for the BEST rate and fees for you. We do not get beat!