February 16th, 2018

Preparing for a home purchase is important, even if you have had experience with home purchases in the past. The laws and regulations have changed and the Dodd Frank Act made sweeping changes to the industry, so what used to be is not the same today. How an interest rate is determined, how a Mortgage Broker is paid, the rules on getting an appraisal done, the required mortgage loan paperwork and deadlines in getting this paperwork to the Lender, are just a few of the numerous changes involved with getting a mortgage loan. I recommend to everyone that you come in and get a 30-60 minute education on the process so there are no hiccups. If you are new to the home purchase experience, it is wise to get a free counseling session to help prepare for a hopeful mortgage approval. You can not expect to get approved IF you never know what is required. Before window shopping for homes, why not know where you stand on the possibilities of a mortgage loan approval? Having the following items gathered together that can be presented, can help with the process: last 2 years tax returns and W2s; last 30 days pay stubs; last 2 months bank statements; the most recent investment/ retirement statement; and a recent printed 3 score MORTGAGE credit report from one of the major bureaus, or from (when YOU pull your own credit your scores are not lowered). Also, there are nuances that can be explained ahead of time so that you do not have your dreams crushed, such as knowing your credit scores, having needed purchase monies for down payments, closing costs, or reserves in your account ahead of time , etc., etc.... OH, and lining up a good REALTOR that is user friendly, familiar with your special needs, and ready to EARN their keep, acting as your fiduciary. DIVERSIFIED MORTGAGE BROKERS has been helping folks prepare for home purchases for 30 years, and is the oldest Mortgage Broker in Central Virginia offering superior service and great rates.. Let us take the time to educate you on the process and the changes that have been introduced. We will guide you along the way for a future purchase or an immediate transaction.Call us at 434-237-3143, email:, web: WE WANT TO EARN YOUR BUSINESS !!!!!

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